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13 October 2006 @ 02:20 pm
Upping The Stakes  
OOC: Please note that in regards to timeframe, this post takes place a couple days after John's initial snatch and grab.


The young man’s head snapped to one side and remained there as he breathed in and out slowly, pushing through the pain to turn his head back around, cocky smirk in place on his face. “Is that all you’ve got?”

The shorter far more burly man snarled, bringing another hand up and across the mutant’s face.


This time there was blood and it dripped from John’s nose and pooled in his mouth until he simply gathered it up and spat it out onto the concrete floor. “C’mon man, I think my head’s still attached to my shoulders. You gotta do better than that.”

The man stepped forward to hit John again but a voice from the shadows stopped him, “That’s enough.”

John turned his head and regarded the man in the crisp black suit with his right eye because the left was already swollen shut. “Oh look, it’s a guy in a suit. Should I be worried?”

There was no response, the suited man simply stepped forward and bent down to regard John. “Pyro isn’t it?”

John angled his head, lips pulling into an arrogant smile, “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”

“You’re one of Magneto’s, part of the Brotherhood.”

John rolled his one eye and shifted against the restraints holding him to the chair. “Dude, you’re stating the obvious. It’s kinda lame.”

The suit just smiled and stepped back, nodding his head to the other and a second later and John was gasping for breath. Well fuck, that hurt.

It didn’t relent, not after the first hit. A second and then a third and a fourth rained down on him until all John could feel was pain and all he could taste was that sharp copper tang of blood in his mouth.

By the time his attacker was done, the only things holding John up were the restraints that had been put there to keep him still.

“I don’t suppose you’ll be more willing to talk now?”

John laughed, a soft almost brittle kind of laugh, before he simply lifted his head. “Not a chance in hell, asswipe.”

“Thought as much,” The suit muttered as he tutted beneath his breath and then glanced toward the door which was swinging open with a metallic clunk. “You should have taken me up on my offer.”

John cried out briefly when his hair was grabbed and his head was jerked to the side, a sharp piercing pain in the side of his neck was the very last thing he felt before unconsciousness claimed him.
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