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13 October 2006 @ 01:43 am
Rise And Shine  
When John awoke he was aware of the sharp, pounding thud in the back of his skull and a dull clunk brought the cuffs around his wrists to his attention. Brown eyes squinted as they tried to take in their surroundings, and slowly but surely memory washed over him like a tidal wave.

“Fuck,” He muttered softly before he rose to his feet and shuffled forward, as they’d not only cuffed his wrists but his ankles as well. There was even a dull weight around his neck and he could see a red flashing light in his peripheral but he was trying very hard not to think beyond where he was.

His hands felt empty without his lighter and there was an unsettled feeling in the pit of his stomach as he gazed out from behind the bars that caged him. He wasn’t the only one; there were others in cells opposite from him and some of them he recognized from mutant town.

Sentinels, that much he could remember and with a sense of dread that he thought was completely natural all things considered. Cuffed wrists lifted hands and soon fingers curled around the bars and arms tested the strength of the metal, strong enough and without a flame there was no way he was ever breaking out of there.

“You’re awake.”

John’s head turned and his eyes found the face of a man who looked familiar, some kind of politician, one of the more right wing ones that believed that mutants were the lesser species. He said nothing, just settled for glaring petulantly at the man walking towards his cell.

“Not feeling chatty?” The other man drawled before tutting beneath his breath, “That’s a shame.” Knowing that there was nothing the mutant could do in terms of his power the older man stepped forward apparently unafraid, which only served to irk John. “I had been hoping for Magneto himself but one of his own will do just as well.”

John sneered, “I’m not helping you with anything.”

The fucking asshole had the gall to laugh, “You don’t get a choice in the matter.” He leaned in until he was a mere inch away from John. “The public’s afraid of the Brotherhood, what better way to show them that they’re not as big as threat as they like to think that they are?”

John might not have had his power but he still had the attitude behind it and it didn’t take long for the young mutant to grab a hold of the man’s tie and yank. “Go to hell,” was snarled out as John practically tried to strangle the man right where he stood.

“Guard! Guard!”

In the next few seconds a sudden pain crippled John. It came directly from the collar and all John could do was stagger back and blink rapidly blurring eyes before finally the pain eased and all he could do was breathe. Fuck, what the hell was that?

“That’ll teach you to lay a hand on me, mutie.” The politician spat out before sneering, “I’ll be seeing you again soon enough.” Then he just turned and walked out.

John just sagged back onto his bunk and muttered, “Fuck you.”
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