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20 August 2006 @ 10:23 pm
Characters: John, Rogue, Pietro, Miss Marvel, NPC Humans and NPC Mutants
Location: Registration office
Time: Mid afternoon
Description: Brotherhood does what they do best, causes trouble


So after getting the green light from Magneto, John had called both Rogue and Pietro to arms and outlined the basic plan. It was simple, so simple, a three year old could understand it. They were to go to one of these mutant registration sites, fake like they were eager to sign up and play the subservient role to the great and powerful humans and then destroy them from the inside out.

Now that sounded like fun and Pyro couldn't think of a better place to burn. So right now he was shuffling along with the line, hood up over his head and fingers occasionally twitching at his side. The urge to spark a light, toast them alive right where they stood was overwhelming but he'd gotten better at control so he was reigning himself in. Wouldn't his parents be proud? He snorted then rolled his neck to glance over his shoulder, Rogue and Pietro were a little further back. They had split up, to make it less evident that they were together but they were in the same place and would eventually get inside and that was all that mattered.

Pietro was close by, waiting impatiently in another line nearby the one John was idling in. Rogue was a bit behind him, just in yet another line. All in all, they were only about twenty feet apart from one another. Pietro couldn't help but tap his foot quickly, always find it extremely difficult to wait in long lines. Especially when he normally didn't have to. He pulled the brim of his cap a bit lower, trying to hide as much of his silver hair as possible. He took a glance back to see how Rogue was faring with the long wait.

She caught Pyro's eyes for a moment, a brow silently quirked up word, before her gaze flicked over the Pietro, whom she just scowled and gave a dirty look. Like her two partners in crime, the would be anarchist held white and auburn hair back with a black bandana, which she was planning on using later on to obscure her face. The line lurched forward slightly and Rogue was panged with a sense of anticipation, anxiety even. A cigarette was brought to her lips, she inhaled and released a white whisper of smoke over her lips. A goldenrod colored man behind her started coughing loudly behind her. Green hues slid around to regard him. She inhaled again, this time released a puff of smoke into his face, before turning back around and stepping forward as the line moved.

John stepped forward with the line, scowling quite impressively when someone nudged him. Fortunately enough the line seemed to be moving fast enough so it wasn't long until he had personal space back. Disgusted, the word that came to the forefront of John's mind as he saw the lines of mutants that appeared willing to sign up and surrender their freedom. Shaking aside his thoughts he breached the threshold and heard the steady *clunk clunk* of his boots against smooth polished floors.

He tilted his head, eyed the guards that lingered on corners and then brought his eyes back to the desks. Obviously if you wanted to sign your name, that was where you started. John turned, glanced at both Pietro and Rogue, just nodding to where the guards were stationed moving steadily towards a desk. He'd play along up until the point of signing his name then all bets were off.

Pietro had just now entered the building himself, seeing John in there, too. He stretched his arms out a bit now that he was inside. Soon things would start to get crazy, and he was more than ready for it.

Carol Danvers. Pilot. CIA Agent. Superhero. Known to most of the world as Ms. Marvel, she stood inside the complex, behind the sign-up tables. She was sent there to make sure that there was no trouble during such an important event as this. Her eyes surveyed the area, keeping a look out for any suspicious-looking characters.

She held up the line for a moment as she stamped her cigarette out with the toe of her sneaker before swaggering inside the building. She flashed the guard a rueful smile and gave a slight waggle of brows and a wink before falling in, behind John

John swept his eyes towards the woman stood behind the sign-up tables, something about her seemed off. He could recall seeing her on the news but he couldn't for the life of him remember what had been said. He just stepped up, listened and nodded to the instructions given to him by the woman with the pen and the paper. He glanced over his shoulder, looked at Rogue briefly before appearing to comply.

It was around at this time that the papers littered across the table went up in flames and Pyro muttered, "Whoops," without a shred of remorse in his voice. He straightened up, slid his hood off his head and then snapped his fingers which ignited a sequence of flames across both hands before the flames warped, forming balls. These balls were then flung towards the two guards stood behind the desk which had them slamming into the wall at an incredible speed. John's lips spread into what would have been a disturbing smile on one so young, malice and viciousness lingered in the dimples forming in his cheeks.

Pietro quickly followed suit and tossed off his disguise. He was already on the other side of the sign-up table before the guards realized it. Appearing as just a blur, Pietro removed all the guards' firearms and radios before they even had a chance to notice it. "Missing these, boys?" He smirked an evil smirk and tossed them all away.

As soon as the flame caught her eye, Rogue stripped away her cloves, stuffing them into her pockets. She whirled around and caught the first person she saw, laying her hands on their face, the mutant gasped and swaggered back out of her grip. Rogue straightened for only a breath, "Cool.." she muttered, and with a blink of her eyes, sent herself teleporting across the room. She latched on to a guard and double blinked, zapping him out of the scene before reappearing outside. She walked back through the doors, another gift already stolen and harnessed on her way in. "Check this out!" She jogged towards the tables, laying a finger on the wooden surface. It only took a moment before the solid piece seemed to sway, become soft and drip as it began melting beneath her touch.

John was busy ducking under a swing of an arm before he was turning on his heel to brush a thumb along teeth that were flashing into the grin pulling his face apart. "C'mon, you can do better than that." He jeered before the guard was swinging back around, gun coming up and finger curling around the trigger. "Well that's better but you forgot one thing."

He reached out, latched fingers around the gun itself and flames seemed to erupt forward until it was hard to tell where the gun and man began and the flames ended. Pyro was nothing if not efficient in his dealings with bigoted humans. Wasn't long until the gun melted and the man jerked away, skin already beginning to peel.

John laughed softly, turned on his heel then shouted. "You're all fucking pathetic," at the assembled mutants before ignoring them as he sent a stream of fire scorching across the desk which destroyed everything of any value.

All of these events took place in the same five seconds, so it makes sense that it took a brief moment for Carol to react. With a thought, her CIA-issued outfit transformed into her well-known superhero outfit. A little snug, but such is the life of a superhero. Targeting the most immediate threat, Ms. Marvel made a bee-line towards John. With her super speed, she reached him in about half a second, tackling him but careful not to kill him, but also making sure to hurt him. "Don't make me continue. They don't call me Ms. Marvel for nothing."

Still beating on some defenseless guards, Pietro's eyes noticed the quick movement of Ms. Marvel's towards John. "John! Look out!" But his words didn't reach him in time. "You dirty bitch!" Pietro blazed towards her, hitting her with a haymaker across the face, sending her flying back. He leaned down to check on John. "John, are you okay? Get up, man!"

Already armed with another gift, she stalked forward, only to stop dead in her tracks as Ms. Marvel zoomed by, causing a breeze indoors that pulled at her hair. "Woah, fuck!" Rogue reacted immediately. She focused her energy on Ms. Marvel. Using the hijacked gift, she raised the bimolecular feedback within Carol's human anatomy, releasing a tranquilizing wave, sedating her for only a brief moment, hopefully long enough for John to react.

John's head swung to catch sight of the woman moving toward him but he had no time to react. She hit him with all the force of a ten ton truck and he felt as if the air had been literally knocked from his lungs. He slammed into the ground, hard enough for something to crack and he was for lack of a better term sucker punched. He had been about to say something to her lame ass threat but fortunately enough for him Pietro was there, and he didn't have to waste oxygen he didn't have.

"Fuck," was about the only word he could manage to string together.

Flattening his palms, he groaned as he forced himself onto his knees and he grimaced as he rose to his feet. "Thanks man," He uttered to Pietro, obviously pained and short on breath but hey he was standing. More than he could say for her.

Carol flew back into a nearby wall from the power of the speedy fist. She now cringed at this new sensation flowing through her body. She tensed up, fighting the sedation with everything she had. "Aaagghh!! You do not know who you're messing with!" She slowly forced herself to her hands and knees, trying to awake from sedation that was trying to control her. "Arrg...you won't get away..."

Pietro slung John's arm over his shoulder to support him. "I've got you, bro." While this severely hindered his speed, he didn't want to leave John there for the humans to exact their revenge upon.

Erika Benson, also known amongst mutant circles as Harness was Rogue's next victims, "You boys ready?" She opened her hands and manifested an energy lasso, which she twirled over her head, ensnaring Ms. Marvel before the sedative wore off. "Gotcha," she said between gritted teeth, as she strained against Carol's tremendous strength, pulling the rope tighter. Erika was ready to turn herself into the registrars’ office, because the last person she used her powers against ended up in a wheel chair. She reeled Ms Marvel in and tied her off, making sure she turned the intensity up, causing a pain to course through Carol's body like a hot iron. "Bitch," she muttered as she kneeled over Carol's form, before winding back and smacking the back of her head fiercely, before springing back to her feet.

"Gotta do one last thing," John muttered softly as he pulled away from Pietro. "You might wanna get out of here." The light in John's eyes suggested he was about to do something that was as volatile as his codename suggested.

With the sedative wearing off, Carol began to feel her power returning. Even harnessed by this powerful energy lasso, she felt stronger. "I suggest..." she struggled with the lasso. "...that you three..." more struggling as she strained her muscles. "...surrender NOW!" Her restraints snapped as she finished her sentence. Breathing heavily, she regained her composure. Clenching her fist, she decided who needed attacking first.

"Oh shit oh shit.." Rogue huffed under her breath as Ms. Marvel snapped the energy lasso dissolving it. She decided she needed to get out of there and fast, she moved with hurried paces towards Pietro, "Git us outta here!"

Pietro didn't need to be told a second time. This Ms. Marvel was something they didn't expect. "Done and done!" He grabbed Rogue and gave John the distance he required. "John, I think we need to leave and try this again another time. We were caught off-guard this time, but not next time."

Hm...they appeared to be making a retreat. No, not after what they just put her through. Noticing John was the only one staying, he seemed like a good target. "Didn't have enough before?" She really wanted to retaliate against the speedy one, but she would never be able to catch him if he took off now. The fire-controlling kid would prove to be a good captive, however. She strolled casually towards him. "Give it up. You can't hurt me with your fire. Comes with the powers." She gestured towards herself.

John just turned his head and then turned it back around, his hands flattening together until flames licked the outside of his fingers. It would seem as he pulled his hands apart the strength of the fire grew until it almost consumed his arms. It was beautiful, the way it wrapped around him and how it danced to his every thought and yet there was a violent nature to it which was intimidating and frightening.

"Who said I was going to hurt you?" He sneered at Miss Marvel, blood dripping from the cut on his lower lip. "Make your choice, me or them." His lips pulled apart into a sick son of a bitch smile before the flames held within his hand flooded the entire lower landing of the hall. He deliberately aimed it away from the mutants and towards the humans, wouldn't take the fire long to spread.

The strain it had taken to inflict that amount of damage was clear on John's face and the way his knees almost buckled. Least they had a cover, a distraction, better than nothing.

Shit. With one more glance towards the three murderers, she took off super-fast towards the spreading flame. They would get away this time, but next time they would be on equal footing, without innocent bystanders in the way. She was able to contain the flames and keep them at bay from the innocents using her powers. Being fire-proof had its advantages.

She stood there glued to the spot, flames dancing in the clear cylinders of her green pools, her jaw slightly pulling slack, mesmerized by the fire that raged on inside. She blinked for a moment, to then shook her head clear, "Ah think we should go.." she said simply.

"Agreed." Without saying more, Pietro grabbed both John and Rogue and sped out of there as fast as he could. Their headquarters was already in sight very quickly.
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