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Going To Burn My Way Through

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"You know all those dangerous mutants you hear about on the news? He takes his lighter and flicks it on. "I'm the worst one."

Name: John Allerdyce
Nicknames: Johnny, St. John
Codename: Pyro
Affiliation: Brotherhood
Nationality: American
Age: 20
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Characteristics: Always carries a small butane lighter around with him.
Important Note: Pyro's current method of accessing what he needs to use his power comes in the form of black leather gauntlets that wrap his forearms, wrists and spread out across his palms. The gauntlets are fed through long tubes and the initial spark is nothing more than a tiny pilot light that he can turn into whatever he wants it to be. The familiar pattern of a shark teeth can be found on the area around the pilot light.
Powers/Abilities: His power enables him to manipulate fire which in turn allows him to shape the flames as he desires, increasing and decreasing its heat, intensity and size. He lacks the ability to create the fire himself and so carries with him a small butane lighter however since being with the Brotherhood he has now flame throwers fitted to his body. Pyro can manipulate the flames to do whatever it is that he desires and on occasion he is able to creat semi-solid form to make an animate flame being (these creations, though capable of movement and of grasping or carrying solid objects, are not alive and do not think on their own).
Extent/Limition of Powers/Abilities: The degree of concentration necessary to manipulate a flame is directly proportional to the being's size, power and flame. Although Pyro cannot be burned by a flame which he is manipulating he can be harmed by any fire that he doesn't control. It's generally accepted that he must be able to see a flame in order to take control, his mental influence is usually limited to approximately 100 yards.
History: John was born into what could be considered a dysfunctional family, a mother from the wrong side of the tracks and a brute of a father.

His father was an unhappy man, disillusioned with his life and disappointed in his family. He had had greater aspirations for himself and yet had gone no further than his home town and had done no better than white trash for a wife.

A result of this came out in the form of harsh and violent beatings usually delivered out onto John’s mother and occasionally directed towards John when he would stand in between father and mother. The boy was weak, as his father was so happy in telling him. Weak he might be but he soon got good at lying, covering up for his father’s ferocity and he got even better at pretending.

School was difficult; John didn’t have the right clothes because his family didn’t have the money. He was frequently bullied and soon adopted a personality that kept him guarded and protected even as his flesh was bruised and battered.

He obviously had problems with authority; he talked back in class and was found more in the detention room than anywhere else in the entire school. His father’s anger had transferred to the next generation of Allerdyce men and John found it difficult to control, he was constantly fighting and struggling against what seemed to be control forced upon him by society.

Home life was unfortunately no refuge from the onslaught of school; father spared his mother no mercy and took to berating John on his own inadequacies simply to make himself feel better about his own life.

Eventually this became too much for John and things got very out of control. At the age of fifteen his power manifested for the first time in a way that he could never have imagined.

His father was hitting his mother for the dinner being not what he wanted and John had been determined to make it stop for the last and final time that he had hit his father, literally hit him and that had resulted in a lip splitting backhand that had sent him to the ground.

In his rage and through the pain John let loose with a new found power within himself, drawn out from the cooker and sent toward his father until the flames began to spread. Unable to control them all John could do was watch as they consumed the family home and instead of being afraid like most people would be, he was entranced.

The home was lost, father suffered third degree burns and mother was scared out of her mind at what her son was capable of. His father after recovering from the injury inflicted upon him told him in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want a: “fucking mutie for a son,” and John was all but ignored by his family. His mother didn’t even look him in the eye anymore.

That was until John came home one day to find his bag packed with his father waiting with car key in hand, a man called Professor Xavier had paid their home a visit and told John's parents of the school. It was a good way to get rid of him.

John arrived at Xavier's School with the clothes on his back and the one bag of clothing his parents thought to pack for him. From the beginning it was abundantly clear he still had no respect for authority. He constantly looked for ways to show off his powers and it brought him into repeated conflicted with teachers and classmates alike.

During his time at the school he struck up a friendship with Iceman and Rogue despite having very little in common in terms of powers or personality. His friends were often the ones resolving problems or literally putting out fires created by him. Truth be told, the first actual friend he had was in Bobby in spite of their many differences and John's recurrent jealousy for the things and qualities that Bobby had and he lacked.

Eventually John was tempted away from Xavier's school by Magneto, who observed the young man's ambition and strength of power. His already oversized ego was fed by Magneto telling him he that he was "a god among insects," the flattery appealed to John more than the lessons of level-headedness and self-restraint that Xavier is always so fond of telling his students.

Leaving behind Xavier's school Pyro is now a full fledged member of the Brotherhood.