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15 August 2006 @ 12:26 am
Pyro's first reaction to seeing what was being announced over the news was to burn down the store that had the television screens and his second was to glower at any human being that dared to cross him as he stalked through the streets of New York.

Mutant Registration? Well fuck that three ways from Sunday. No fucking way, not now and not ever. Let them enforce their order over what they deemed chaos and then they'd see who would be standing when the flames died.


The government was a hypocrite but John knew better than to expect anything more than that. They spoke of how the mutants were the danger, the unknown quantities and the unpredictable element and yet they had at their disposal God only knew how much weaponry and power.

His stride was brought to a stop as he came across a newspaper and growled in the back of his throat before with a quick snap and flick and the entire stand went up in flames. If they wanted dangerous then fuck he'd give them dangerous.

It was time to talk to Magneto, see what the plan was because he knew Magneto and he wouldn't take this lying down.
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21 July 2006 @ 11:33 pm
Pyro was a complicated young man; he was capable of such cruelty and such kindness. He was a twisted mass of emotions and each and every one gave his flames the strength that they had. He thought deeply, he felt deeply and he’d been hurt deeply.

He’d brought Rogue into the fold, warned her of the risks and he wondered how she was liking the fall from the pedestal. People had held such high expectations; he supposed that was one thing he’d never had. He had never had anyone expecting anything great from him.

He was John, he hadn’t excelled in class, he hadn’t involved himself in team sports, and he hadn’t reached out to know anyone beyond Bobby and Rogue. He was abrupt, cold, calculating and as nasty as he needed to be. He’d learned from the best.

John had made his choice, he was with the Brotherhood but it didn’t mean that he didn’t occasionally miss the friendships he had formed in the mansion. Bobby had been his first true friend and John had spent so much time hating Bobby for having everything he hadn’t had but at the same time respecting him for being his own person and for not shying away the moment John had flung acid words his way.

He’d never known any other way; he’d always used anger to hide everything. His father had set a brilliant example and John as much as he tried to be different had inherited his father’s temper.

Currently he was enjoying an introspective moment in the park with the sounds of life around him, sun streaming through the trees and catching on the dark hood that covered his head and shrouded him from view.

Long denim clad legs were stretched out in front of him and thick dark boots were crossed at the ankle, fingers turned a lighter over and over as he watched and ran through the silent thoughts in his head.

Fire was his element, his expression of self.

He was never without it; it was as much a part of him as any of his physical attributes. The lighter was familiar to him; the metal was a little scraped and worn from the constant handling. If John ever met an untimely end he’d be taking it to his grave, it had been his one constant and he’d be damned if he let something like death seperate him from it.

Eyes slid to the laughter that filled his ears and he found a small group of teenagers all talking low, smiling wide and then hushing up the moment they caught sight of him. Funny all he’d been doing was looking and they’d acted like he was some kind of threat.

With a smirk he turned his attention back to his lighter, opening, igniting the flame and closing the lighter down again.
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17 July 2006 @ 10:05 pm
Characters: John and Gambit
Location: The sewers
Time: Early evening, takes place after a Rogue/Magneto scene which has yet to be posted
Description: John's sent to collect what Gambit was told to steal

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05 July 2006 @ 12:58 am
Characters: John and Rogue
Location: John's apartment
Time: Evening
Description: Rogue makes a impulsive decision

Veering Off CourseCollapse )
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27 June 2006 @ 12:24 am
John had left his apartment and walked for what seemed like miles until the city had been left far behind and his legs were carrying him through a park.

A place usually locked up but an intense flame had melted the metal away and enabled him access. As much as he tried to push away the brief contact with Jean from his mind he couldn’t.

The images were still there, things like that were hard to forget when they hit you with all the force of a tidal wave. His fingers itched and to steady the thrum that seemed to be vibrating through him, he gripped onto his lighter and went right back to square one.

Snapping it open, letting the flame glow, snapping it shut again and repeating the process all over again.

He kept walking through the shadows, ignoring the way his breath curled in front of his features and the slight tremor that ran through him. His body temperature was always warmer than most but the night seemed particularly cold.

John came to a stop beside the large pond and settled his weight on a nearby railing before simply watching the slight current.
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27 June 2006 @ 12:19 am
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25 June 2006 @ 03:25 am
Characters: Pyro, Rogue and Pietro
Location: The Reservoir aka seedy bar
Time: Late evening after the rally
Description: What Rogue really got up to whilst "kidnapped"

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17 June 2006 @ 07:39 pm
John had stopped the car several miles away from where the Rally had taken place and had turned to stare at the unconscious figure in his back seat. You could add kidnap to his ever colourful list of nefarious wrong doings; it was right up there somewhere with murder.

Seeing Jean, it had freaked him the hell out. She was supposed to be dead, dead as in never coming back and swallowed whole by water. If he closed his eyes for long enough he could almost hear her in his head and that gave him a headache, he’d always hated psychics and how they could get into your head.

John had enough secrets and enough truth masked by lies to ever want or ever invite anyone into his head.

He rubbed a hand across his mouth and folded his chin into the fleshy part of his palm. Taking Rogue had never been part of the plan, should have left her but he had to wonder if he had done that would Logan have gotten to her in time? And why did he even care? Emotions, they really were a person’s undoing.

His throat muscles worked hard as they forced past the lump that had formed and he kept staring at Rogue. “Fuck,” He uttered as he pushed his fingers through his hair and wrapped the back of his neck.

Magneto would expect him to return with her, hand her over as some kind of bargaining chip or to be used how the Brotherhood saw fit. Pietro would spread the news, the guy liked to talk almost as fast as he liked to move. John faced a dilemma; he’d either do what he was supposed to or break the rules and deal with this in another way.

This wasn’t just some random X-Woman, it was Rogue, a girl that had been his friend once. He’d always known that he’d come into conflict with the people he’d left behind, it was part of this war they were waging.

What would she do with him if their positions had been reversed? Probably hand him over to her precious Xavier and his band of X-Men. He already knew what they thought of him, he could see it in their eyes.

The knowledge helped to breed a certain amount of contempt and disregard inside the young man. Gaze that had once been so conflicted turned cold and regarded her with indifference.

I thought you were the worst one.

His eyes clenched shut as Jean’s voice echoed in the depths of his skull once again, a memory rather than an actual event. John rubbed at his temples and eased away that voice and the images that had accompanied it.

He had nothing to prove, not to her and not to anyone else. She was supposed to be dead; didn't anyone stay dead these days?

Fine, he’d take her back to his place and let Magneto deal with her because honestly? John didn't have the first fucking clue of how he should progress. He might be twenty but he still needed guidance, something Xavier had never managed to give him but Magneto instilled with little to no difficulty.
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13 June 2006 @ 11:20 pm
Characters: Rogue and Pyro
Location: Classroom
Time: Years ago, before John left for the Brotherhood
Description: Just two kids bored in class

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