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07 October 2006 @ 12:42 am
Characters: Magneto, Mystique, Rogue, Pyro and NPC Sentinels
Location: Brotherhood base
Time: Late evening
Description: The Sentinels pay the Hood a visit


Clock hands struck the midnight hour and the residence housing some of the most dangerous mutants on planet earth was quiet, still, aside from the small breaths that its inhabitants took.

They slept safe in the knowledge that nothing and no one could touch them but you know what they say about pride cometh before a fall. It would appear that the Brotherhood had a leak, a rat within their ranks, because towards them stumbled two of the biggest metal monstrosities known to mutant kind.

Their goal was simple, destroy what stood before them and take as many as they could, examples had to be made after all.

Sentinels were programmed with one mission and they were unrelenting in accomplishing that goal so when they first ripped and shook the foundations of the building no one should have been surprised at the speed of which they moved to pull away another chunk.

John’s eyes snapped wide open the moment the rumble came and then sprung out of bed when the thunder seemed to crack across the ceiling. It was only when his ceiling was finally peeled away and he was faced with glowing red eyes that he realised what the fuck was going on.

“Mutant detected, identity confirmed as Pyro.” The Sentinel rattled off as it searched its databanks and then reached for him.

“Shit!” He cursed as he scrambled to his feet, forgetting his shirt but not his lighter. That was snatched up quickly and he skidded around a corner just as the Sentinel ploughed its way into his room and its large hand ripped through the wall to his right.

Rogue hadn't been sleeping soundly, who ever assumed that was a fool. She still had night terrors, not as frequently, but it turned her into an insomniac. For the most part still dressed, with boots laced tightly on her feet, she lay on her made bed and fiddled with her new cell phone. Her old cell phone met its untimely demise when it went off during one of Mystique's munitions lessons and the older woman incorporated it into her teachings of skeet shooting.

She thumbed the buttons on the sleek device, sending Gambit a message, "U R Crazy. Ha ha ha." Her phone book was limited, having the only a few options of people she could actually call or text, but for the most part it mainly consisted of Pyro or Gambit.

The cell phone slipped from her hands as the noise rumbled through the base. Her breath was taken away as she looked up at the same glowing red eyes that were looking at John.

She sprang from her bed just in the nick of time as a large mechanical fist pummelled right through the wall into her room, somersaulting to the opposite corner.

John grimaced before a flame came to life and he turned to unleash a wave of fire which the Sentinel seemed to reach beyond, its long metallic fingers reaching to snatch him up but was denied by the sudden almost inexplicable clenching of its hand.

Pyro’s head swung to the right to find Magneto on his feet and moving towards them rapidly. “The computers, destroy them.”

John nodded his head, finding grip on the floor with his bare feet, ignoring the tremors shaking the foundation and bolted for the computers. They had to be destroyed because they held too much information that could not fall into the wrong hands.

The Sentinel looming over Rogue tipped its head to one side and remarked monotone flat, “Mutant detected, identity confirmed as Rogue.”

Mystique appeared a second later with guns blazing which hit the Sentinel round after round. In the second it took her to unload her clips and reload her guns she had tossed a semi automatic to Rogue.

She seemed to seize as the sentinel boomed her name, her body posture shifted so she could stare up at the monstrous thing. It wasn't until the rifle was thrust into her arms that focused on what was happening.

The AR-15, a lightweight, air-cooled, magazine-fed, auto loading centerfield rifle. The original Armalite Colt AR-15 was a selective-fire prototype submitted for consideration as a military infantry rifle, and is distinguished from later civilian-model AR-15 and AR-15A2 rifles marketed by Colt Firearms. 40 round magazine, at 800 rounds a minute, would easily fuck up someone’s day. She new this because Mystique new this. She was made to assemble and reassemble gun after gun, then rifle after rifle.

She took her arm, the chest cavity of the sentinel. With a gentle grip, her finger gingerly pulled back the trigger, unleashing of spray of bullets.

John however was busying himself with the computers, restraint had never been his forte so handprints of fire were laid upon the plastic and the information was left to burn. He knew Mystique had it stored elsewhere, they might lose some data but they wouldn’t lose it all.

Magneto was content with testing his power against the metallic giant ripping its way through what he considered home. “Mutant detected, identity confirmed as Magneto.”

“Oh look, you can talk. How quaint.” Magneto drawled with obvious sarcasm before he twitched an eyebrow and the hunk of metal was knocked back a few steps. Sentinels were after all mostly metal.

The Sentinel staggered back under the brute assault of the bullets but simply swung its head to identify Mystique before its weight barrelled through what remained of the wall. A hand swiped for the blue mutant who lithely sprung away and flipped, guns still blazing with a devil may care kind of grin on her face.

Rogue redirected her aim at the hand that was going to nab Mystique managing to blow right through on of its mechanical digits, leaving it with one stumpy finger that hissed and sparked with electricity.

She squeezed the trigger once more, but there was nothing. "Fuck. Mystique!" she managed to shout out before the same hand she mutilated reached out and knocked her into the wall with a flick of its wrist. Her body groaned and then slid to the floor. It took her a moment before being able to clear her head, the she remember she needed more bullets.

Mystique’s eyes cut to Rogue then turned back to the Sentinel, yellow narrowing to thin black lines before she unloaded empty clips and loaded new ones to blast heavy holes in the previously untarnished metallic skin.

The strangest thing happened next; the Sentinel that had been attacking the two women seemed to stop dead in its tracks. As if receiving orders before it was lumbering away and making for the room that Pyro was in the process of destroying.

John grunted slightly when the Sentinel knocked aside the table and took him with it, the lighter slid across the ground and was scrambled for before snatched up and flipped open to burn with life.

He brought the flames into his hands, grunted and narrowed his eyes before pushing out a long powerful stream which blasted against metal and slowly melted away a plate across the Sentinel’s chest.

“The base is lost, we need to evacuate!” Mystique shouted over the roar as she hauled Rogue to her feet and thrust a clip into her hand before she was stalking towards Magneto who was successfully pushing the Sentinel back and scowling until lines were deeply set into his face.

Holding the magazine in her hand, she cupped her them around her mouth and shouted towards Magneto, "Ah'm with her!" she seconded the motion of fleeing, green hues still focused on where the Sentinel was before it just simply turned around. She released the spent clip before locking the fresh one into place.

"Lets get the fuck outta here..." she said taking aim once more, blasting out one of the red eyes of the mechanical man, giving it an even eerier presence having only one eye.

Magneto twitched an eyebrow as he heard Mystique’s suggestion and then his entire palm splayed which ripped away chest plates and he then twisted the plates to form long spikes which he directed towards the Sentinel’s core.

“More are going to come, Erik.” Mystique advised as she stood at his side and watched as the master of magnetism took the monster apart.

As much as he hated to admit to it, Mystique was right. She was after all his voice of reason in this madness. “Agreed, we’re leaving, now.”

Pyro was back on his feet, the Sentinel still lumbering towards him with red eyes set upon him and no matter how much he burned the thing just didn’t quit. “Fuck,” He cursed, swirling the heat around the lengths of his fingers and drawing the spiralling flames in towards his palms before he was able to use them like he wanted.

“If you would do the honours,” Magneto remarked to Mystique who simply pulled a grenade from her belt, catching the clip in her teeth and tugging before tossing it towards a nearby wall that was still intact.

Rogue lifted her arms to shield herself from the debris that was flying everywhere thanks to Mystique's grenade. She coughed at the dust that was settling, around her, plaster and cement bits covered the younger girl. Her bare hand wiped her eyes clear, "What the fuck?" she growled at Mystique who was known to toy with the younger girl, including throwing a grenade just close enough to not cause any real damage. She tightened her grip around the gun, green hues narrowing, but she was able to reign in her anger. Following Magneto and Mystique, she glanced over her shoulder to make sure John was behind her. "Pyro?" she was shocked that he was still going at it with the Sentinel. "Cmon!" she jerked her head in the direction they were exiting.

Mystique just smiled, hitched her shoulders then slipped out of the hole she had created with Magneto following shortly behind.

John’s head swung around when he heard Rogue’s voice and he dragged the flames back in and turned to move after the others. He could feel the goddamn thing’s eyes on the back of his neck and by the way the ground was moving it was coming after him again.

Sentinels were damn determined to get what it is they wanted.

She was standing on the other side of the hole, waiting for Pyro to make sure he was coming through. She lowered and ducked through the nitch in the wall, just to make sure, "John!"

John wasn’t coming through, the Sentinel had lunged forward and its metallic hand had wrapped his ankle and he had gone down with a heavy thud as it had ripped his footing out from under him.

When John hit the ground he lost his grip on his lighter and wide brown eyes darted to it like a man looking for his reason to live and reached for it like he had nothing to lose.

Only he didn’t make it, the Sentinel pulled him across the ground towards it until John was looking up into his own end, or at least that’s what he thought. The next thing John knew was a world of black and the Sentinels were withdrawing, staggering away from the ruins they had made of the Brotherhood’s base.

She was stumbling through the whole, mid dive, before azure arms wrapped tightly around her mid section holding her back. "No!" She screamed, reaching out towards John. She looked back at Mystique holding onto her. "Let meh go, y'bitch!" Booted feet kicked at the older woman, managing to wriggle out of her grasp, leaving Mystique covered in plaster dust on the other side of the wall. But it was too late, the sentinel was gone. Taken John from where ever it had come from, the only trace of him left behind was his stupid shark lighter, cocked open, lying in the rubble. Rogue quickly closed the distance and lowered on her haunches scooping it up into her bare hands.

Mystique growled beneath her breath at Rogue before eyes slid to Magneto as he stepped through the hole.

“We need to go now, Rogue.” He expressed in a low controlled voice as he took in what remained of the one called Pyro. “More will come and it will do John no good for us to be captured ourselves.”

She remained silent, before standing once more. "Ya've already killed him," She whirled around and motioned to where the Sentinel dragged him off, the lighter clutched in her ivory hands. The girl glowered at the older man, trembling as an anger course through her body, and boiled her blood.

Magneto was completely and utterly unaffected by the girl’s glare, “John chose his path as you have chosen yours, this is not my doing.” He stated calmly before stepping closer, lighter clutched in Rogue’s hand twitching. “You have two choices, you can stay here and try and make it on your own perhaps even return to the X-Men or you can come with us and we can work on getting him back.”

“Make your choice, Rogue.” Mystique muttered as she eyed their surroundings, guns held tight in her strong talented hands.

Her arm was pulled away from her body, as Magneto pulled the reigns around the magneto field generated by Pyro's lighter, yet the younger girl did not let go. She held still for a moment, before Magneto released her. The younger girl growled, before moving past them through the whole once more; her choice made.
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