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28 August 2006 @ 04:04 am
Characters: John and Bobby
Location: Registration office
Time: Mid afternoon
Description: John and Bobby have a face off and Bobby does something that surprises John
Note: I realise that there is more to be tacked onto this but I just needed to post it as it was before I lost it, once I have everything I'll post it on the community.


Bobby was bored. He had been sitting at the coffee place across the street from the Mutant Registration Center all day, watching and waiting for some type of violence to break out. Underneath his track jacket and trainer paints, he wore his leather X-Men uniform, ready for action. It was, however, starting to chafe him as he sat idle for several hours, nursing the same cup of coffee.

John still wasn't recovered from his encounter with Miss Marvel, his ribs were all kinds of messed up and his lip felt like it was two sizes too big not to mention his temple had turned a nasty shade of purple. He swore if he ever saw that woman again he was going to torch her as soon as look at her. However poor physical condition hadn't stopped Magneto from issuing him with a new target, informing him to go alone.

Well fine, but don't blame him if this all went to hell.

He clad himself in inconspicuous colours complete with a hood and long sleeves that fell over his thumbs and hooked there, just like all the other tops he wore. His gauntlets wrapped his wrists and with every step he took he convinced himself he could do this. Humanity didn't have a right to do this, they never had a right to act like mutants were the second class citizens and yet they acted like they did.

He flicked the pilot light, let the fire sit pretty in his hands and then let the flames wrap his fingers so by the time he was at the entrance he was able to streak a line of fire that would not only stir chaos but inspire fear as well. All the hard work up in flames and people scrambling to get out.

Bobby's eyes went wide as he spotted the shot of flame from the corner of his eye. Finally, some action, and the fire could only mean one thing and only mean one person. He couldn't help but feel a bit overzealous as he rushed out of the front door, pulling away his trainer pants and track jacket in the process.

He stood completely decked in his leather X-Men uniform, feeling a sense of pride as he covered his body in a layer of ice. "Get out of the way," he called out to the crowd. "The superhero is here."

With a flick of his hands, he produced a sled made of ice, which he used to zip above the heads of the civilians. First thing first, he had to put out the fire. A few well placed ice blasts helped to douse the flames, as Bobby looked around the crowd, trying to find the source of the fire.

John arched an eyebrow as he heard Bobby's voice and he muttered, "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

He ignored Bobby for now, stepped further into the building and stretched his fingers which in turn stretched the fire out and had it grow in leaps and bounds. With a movement of his arms, almost as if he was drawing back to pitch a ball which in a way he was. John released a ball made entirely of fire and this time it caught on the curtains and proceeded to leap from window to window.

Turning around, he stepped back out and watched the movement of Bobby through the air and he had to mutter, "Neat," under his breath because hell that was kind of cool. Even John could admire that. Although he'd never say it out loud, least not to Bobby. Clicking his thumb and middle finger he snapped alive a flame and twisted it in a swirling movement before simply directing it towards the ice Bobby was travelling on. The intention was to melt.

The use of his power was beginning to strain, he was short of breath and the pain in his head was beginning to flare but hell pain was something you just gritted your teeth against and pushed your way through.

Iceman saw the fireball coming towards him and quickly leapt from his ice sled, creating a new one in midair and continued towards the flame drenched entrance. There was so much fire, but he had been training for something like this. With a quick movement of his arm, as if he were throwing a baseball, he let out several slush balls. As they collided with the fire, they melted into water and began to douse the flames with a loud hiss.

He applied a stronger coat of ice around his body as the flames and heat were starting to get to him. "Pyro," he said. "There are mutants in the building too, do you want them to be hurt? Isn't that like, exactly the opposite of what you guys want?" He was stalling him, hoping to talk him down out of this. As it was he still had a lot of fire to put out and the inevitable conflict with Pyro. He had to at least try to make it easier.

John regarded Bobby from under the shadow of his hood, he wasn't about to drop it, he wouldn't expose a weakness. He twitched the corner of his lips. "Any mutant willing to sign up for this fucking act isn't worth the genes the universe gave to them." He rolled his shoulders and fire danced along his fingertips and almost engulfed both hands. "And besides Bobby boy, why worry when they've got a bonafide X-Man at their beck and call?"

He could sense something coming up from the side and sure enough police officers were beginning to make an approach. John just snarled, stretching his arm out and streaking a long hot line across the ground and soon the flames were lifting upwards, pretty much blocking him and Bobby off from everyone else. "So tell me Bobby, you agree with this act?"

John stepped closer, chest failing to rise and fall steadily like it had before. It was very much start, stop, long pause, start and stop all over again. His hands burned red, the flames licked higher and his eyes watched Bobby like they had done in the past. Intense, focused and completely concentrated.

"No, I don't agree with it," Iceman said defiantly. "But I'm not about to go attacking innocent people because some law's got me all hot headed." He noticed the police officers coming in and began to create a wall of ice between them and him and John. He didn't need them messing this up, and he didn't need them to be hurt either.

"John," he said, using his name. "This is stupid. The MRA is law now, torching some centers isn't going to get that reversed. It didn't work for the nutjobs that burn abortion clinics, did it? That's what you look like right now, some big nut job. You look like the face of Registration, you're only giving them an excuse to lock us all up. So keep at it jackass," he said.

He gathered what moisture he could muster in the air and created a giant fist of ice, which he then slammed at Pyro.

"I don't fucking care, Bobby." John remarked coldly before he was hit in the chest with the fist of ice, it slammed into him hard and probably undid all the work his body had done to repair the damage. John slammed into the ground, rolled over onto his side and coughed blood, fuck. Red stained his lips and he struggled to breathe and yet he got right back up even though it hurt like hell and he was a little unsteady where he stood.

He curled his hands, let the fire build and once he was sure it was strong enough he forced it out towards Bobby. Tendrils of heat crept outwards, seeking to wrap themselves around the figure of ice. "At least I'm doing something about what I feel, about what I think. I'm not hiding behind a guise of morality, Bobby. I know what I am and I accept that. You, you just want to play the hero."

John kept pounding heat out, wave after wave and one flame after another, "You think that the government is going to listen to what mutants have to say? They never have in the past, why should this be any different? Tell me why I should stop, why no action is better than action? Give me one good fucking reason to stop, Mister X-Man." The last was sneered; disdain practically dripping from his voice.

Unbeknownst to either mutant, the police were trying for another method of control. It involved the building across from the registration centre and a well trained shooter.

"You want a good reason to stop?" asked Bobby as he rolled out of the wave of a flame. His body couldn't take much more heat, there was almost no moisture in the air and without moisture there was no ice. "How about this, if you don't stop you're going to die. That wasn't even hard yet you're coughing up blood. You're putting too much strain on your body. And these cops, they're going to shoot to kill." Bobby clenched his fists tightly. "Get out of here," he said. "I'll hold off the police for you, but you're only going to get one chance to leave without dying John. Is it worth your life?"

John's hands were glowing, his entire body was bristling under the weight of his power and confusion flickered across his face as Bobby told him to leave and told him he'd hold off the police for him.

"My life's not worth much anyways, Bobby, but thanks for the concern." John managed in a strained voice as he regarded his old friend but now enemy before he made a conscious decision. He turned his head, the hood falling off to reveal the bruising across the side of his face and the sweat glistening on his skin before he curled his fingers towards the flames dancing along the inside of the building.

He drew them to him, folded them around his fingers and used the power he had left in his hands to blast his way through the wall of ice Bobby had constructed and it was with a fleeting glance over his shoulder that Pyro burned his way to freedom.

"Son of a bitch," Bobby said as he took a second to figure out what to do. He was surrounded by cops who probably weren't going to recognize him as a hero, and John had just gotten away, probably about to be gunned down by police gunfire. But he couldn't worry about that, Pyro had chosen his own path, while Iceman had to choose the path of the hero. The last of his ice armor beginning to melt away, Bobby ran out of the building, into the street. With a quick movement he formed a large ice blade, which he used to chop off the side of a fire hydrant. Water splattered everywhere, regenerating Bobby's powers. He dashed back towards the building, extinguishing the flames with a continual stream of ice and slush.

John was fired upon but the heat he put up like a wall melted the bullets before they had time to reach him even if one did slip through and winged him, just a scrape, nothing to worry about. He was breathing hard and struggling to move by the time he used the police car in front of him like a natural diversion. A big explosion and the entire area just seemed to light up and everyone in the vicinity ducked.

Hell, he'd just given Bobby some time, distracted them with himself and the explosion. "I'll be seeing you, Bobby." He muttered before taking to a nearby alley as he attempted to lose the authorities that way. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long because his chest hurt like hell.
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